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Mission Support Alliance - Scope

MSA is the integrator of a multi-contractor effort to clean up the Hanford Site. MSA collaborates with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and all Hanford Site contractors to “move the mission forward” – finding and implementing new, cost-saving, safe and practical solutions to cleanup challenges.

MSA provides quality infrastructure and sitewide services at Hanford with a continual focus on seeking out new processes and technologies that reduce costs, reduce energy consumption and bring safety improvements to the site.
Among the services MSA provides are emergency response and training – including the Hanford Fire Department and Hanford Patrol operations – and infrastructure services, like environmental integration and land management; fleet and road maintenance; water/electric and utilities; cyber security and information management.  MSA also ensures preservation of the site’s cultural artifacts.

MSA conducts the unique function of portfolio management, which affords DOE and contractors the ability to make informed decisions utilizing MSA-provided technical data for integrated planning to produce cost-savings, project alternatives and realistic decision-making – all  to support DOE's path to meeting its regulatory and performance milestones.  MSA also manages Hanford Site cleanup and B Reactor tours, and coordinates the Hanford Speakers Bureau.
MSA also has laid the groundwork for Hanford's future, by playing a significant role in helping meet cleanup milestones and working toward "right-sizing" the site's infrastructure.  In short, MSA is ensuring cleanup workers have the tools, training and facilities to get the job done – safely and cost effectively.





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