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Mission Support Alliance
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Mission Support Alliance

Mission Support Alliance - Environment

To “green” the Hanford Site, MSA has employed multiple environmentally friendly initiatives and products for use at the site, such as energy efficient “thin-client” computers (which allow consolidation of data centers), electric and alternative fuel vehicles, and innovative pollution prevention solutions.

MSA continues to strive to be a national leader in clean energy and environmental compliance. Aligning to Executive Order 13514, Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance, MSA has received sustainability recognition in the areas of energy management and waste minimization.

Supporting the DOE Environmental Management fleet reduction goals, MSA eliminated over 10,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions. This was accomplished with over 260 vehicles reduced from its fleet since January 2011, ensuring over 80 percent of new procurements were acquired for either alternative fuel, hybrid or electric vehicles and the continued use of E85 instead of unleaded fuel.

MSA-led activities at Hanford were recognized with several awards in 2012:

  • 2012 Federal Electronic Challenge Gold Level Award – sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency for exemplary facility performance in Green information technology and electronics stewardship

  • 2012 Bronze GreenBuy Award – sponsored by the DOE Office of Health, Safety and Security for sustainable acquisitions that save energy, conserve water, and reduce health and environmental impacts

  • 2012 “Best in Class” Sustainability Award – sponsored by the DOE Sustainability Performance Office recognizing Hanford for the data center and infrastructure consolidation project

  • 2012 Honorable Mention Sustainability Awards – also sponsored by the DOE Sustainability Performance Office recognizing Hanford for the VoIP infrastructure, solar powered lighting at the 618-11 Burial Ground (joint award with Washington Closure Hanford), sustainable fleet management and deployment of thin client.



Maintaining safe and secure operations and ensuring the safety of our workforce is MSA’s number one priority.


MSA recognizes that customer service begins and ends with understanding the customers’ needs and priorities.


MSA is proud to serve as a prime contractor at the Department of Energy’s Hanford Site, where we provide the best in infrastructure services, emergency response and strategic site integration.


MSA is chartered with “greening” Hanford to protect the environment and conserve energy and natural resources.







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